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Bus Routing Cheat Sheet: Is Your School Ready for Opening Day?

Summer Vacation is, of course, never a real vacation if you're a school administrator. (Although not having kids constantly underfoot is nice.) Parents and students often don't understand how much work is involved in ensuring a school is ready for the first day of classes in the fall.

Is Your Bus Route Too Long? Quick Tips On How To Improve It!

It might seem obvious, but there really is no benefit to having your buses on the road any longer than they need to be.  Transportation budgets are a huge part of any business that maintains a bus fleet, and every extra minute they're on the road ultimately costs you real money.

4 Tips To Using School Bus Routing Software

If you've recently purchased new school bus routing software – which is an excellent idea, by the way – it may be hard for you to get a handle on all the new features of the software package. While the basic interface is simple enough for anyone to learn within minutes, there are still plenty of ways that power users can get more out of the system.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Transportation Coordinator

A transportation coordinator's job is a round the clock operation. The job entails many different duties and often times involves taking on the tasks of multiple positions. They have numerous responsibilities and must answer to their manager, school staff and parents when issues arise. Needless to say then that their job should not be taken lightly. Therefore, how do you get the most out of your transportation coordinator?

Stay In The Know With School Bus Routing Software

Whether you are the school administrator and handling thousands of students and hundreds of faculty, a transportation director overseeing all of the bus routes and drivers, superintendent, or even a business manager, having up to date information to ensure the safety of all the students under your care is more than likely a top priority. Back in the old days, making sure all students who used the bus system to get to and from school wasn't as efficient and meant a lot of paperwork and manually keeping track of dozens of bus routes.

6 Proper Uses For GPS Vehicle Fleet Tracking Systems

With schools constantly seeing their budgets slashed, you're undoubtedly feeling the pinch yourself if you're in the business of providing school bus services.  Economization is the name of the game across our school districts, from bus drivers to teachers.  If you want to stay competitive and keep your profit edge, you need to be able to guarantee the best results with the least waste.

Signs You Need New Route Planning Software

As technology becomes even more integrated into daily life, it will become even more commonplace when it comes to tracking routes and school buses. Instead of having to configure bus routes and distances students walk to the closest bus manually and potentially making errors, routing software is making sure everything is efficient, cost-effective, and keeps the kids part of the bus system safe. But, what happens when your routing software starts to become obsolete, or simply isn't working for you?

Why Your Company Needs Better Dispatch Software

Before we begin this blog, I just wanted to say something:  Thank you, school bus managers and school transportation officers.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Route Optimization Software

If you're in the business of planning a school's bus schedule, we don't have to tell you how demanding the job is.  Hundreds or thousands of children rely on you to get to and from school safely, and if any of them are even a few minutes late, you'll be hearing about it from panicked parents.

School Transportation Costs Drive Districts Toward Change

With school transportation costs rising, many public schools are beginning to make drastic changes to their transportation polices. The more the schools must depend on themselves and less on government funding, the burden of school transportation costs falls to schools and parents alike.

For instance, in the case of Westford Public Schools in Massachusetts, they are requiring a fee for allowing children within two miles of the school to ride the bus. At present, those who live outside a two-mile radius are still allowed to ride without a fee. However, all students are required to have bus passes. These can range from $225 to $600, depending on how many children from each family are riding.

Whereas, Jeffco Public Schools in Colorado are charging students $150 per student for all those who ride. Children who are within walking distance of the school will be required to pay $200, but will be allowed only if there is room. Kindergartners, either half- or full-day students will be required to pay between $75 to $100, depending on whether they attend the neighborhood schools or an optional one.

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District has taken a different view, in hopes of reducing the school transportation costs. The bus schedules have been tiered, to allow the same bus to cover two different routes. This reduces the number of buses and personnel required. However, this also changes the daily schedule for the school, of when they begin and end for the day. They also require that children attending option schools, instead of neighborhood schools, be transported by the parents. There have even been changes in the boundaries for which areas will be serviced by the neighborhood schools. The Kenai Schools also are reducing their driver contracts from five years to one year, in hope of finding more ways to reduce costs, without commitments to employees. This way, they are able to see if merely changing schedules and using fewer buses will reduce school transportation costs significantly enough to keep their doors open.

Are there ways that you have found that work? Has there been a situation where an idea has been tried and did not work? It may be helpful for different schools to share some ideas, in order to reduce the trial and error stage of trying to save money on school transportation costs. In this economy, every little bit helps and schools need all the help they can get.



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