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Personalized School Bus Routing Software

Apollo for BusBoss



BusBoss has joined forces with the National Association of Pupil Transportation (NAPT) to offer its web-based business intelligence portal and data driven decision-making (3D) project, otherwise known as Apollo to active customers.

This subscription-based service was created by NAPT to help school transportation directors and business officials make crucial decisions about equipment, training and more.

NAPT and BusBoss have developed an API (application platform interface) that lets you:  

  • Upload your BusBoss routing information into Apollo
  • See metrics and dashboards for your district
  • Compare your data with a peer district
  • Collaborate with other districts to share and create best practices

All BusBoss customers will receive a free 3-month trial period of Apollo during which you will receive:

  • An Apollo user name and password and orientation session
  • Apollo portal training
  • Assignment to a BusBoss community peer group so that you can compare yourself to similar districts by region and size
  • Assistance with data management

Apollo’s features include:

  • A common set of analytics, metrics and dashboards
  • Analytic comparisons to allow districts to exchange and develop fresh solutions
  • Networking, instant messaging and communications capability
  • Online collaboration/project center
  • Industry communication calendar

This service offers our users a dynamic platform for tracking, measuring and improving the performance of their transportation operation. The series of interrelated and connected software applications take raw data and turn it into information that will truly help you improve and expedite decision making. Data entry is easy and the analytics are targeted to fit the needs of districts of all sizes. 

Contact BusBoss by using the form on this page to find out how to get started.

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